Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pennsylvania arts funding may be cut back to $0.

Dear Members and Grantees,
Previously Governor Rendell had proposed $14 million for Grants to the Arts for next fiscal year.
As of today, May 4, 2009, Senators Corman, Pileggi and Scarnati introduced Senate Bill 850. It appears that it eliminates
ALL state funding for the arts. That includes PPA grants, Arts Operating and Arts Programming Grants, along with the Artist Residency program, fellowships, and other funding.
We can expect a vote on the bill in the next few days. We need to work hard to insure that this bill does not pass.
All of us who participate in the Arts know what state funding for the arts has meant to Northwest PA in the last decade. Imagine what it will be like with no state arts funding. The impact would be devastating to
our arts organizations who bring vitality and enrichment to so many and is the basis for the quality of life we enjoy. In addition, according to a study done in 2006, the nonprofit arts in Erie County alone had a $14.9 million economic impact.
You can be an advocate for the arts by doing a few simple things, beginning with forwarding this email to all board members, committee members, staff, patrons and vendors who rely on your business. Don't forget the restaurants that thrive when there is an arts event going on. Then...
Sign up for. . Citizens for the Arts is working hard to organize the legislative advocacy process to support funding for the arts in Pennsylvania.
Contact your state representative and state senator in support of the Governor’s proposed budget for the arts, which was proposed at $14 million. You can find their contact information at the Citizens for the Arts website . (It's easy, all you need is your zip code and street address.) These legislators are on the Allocations and/or Leadership Committees in both the State House and the State Senate. These men and women will be working very hard to plan appropriately for Pennsylvania's future. It is important to thank them for their past support and to tell them what a difference the Arts makes in your communities.
Write or email a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper
Post this link on your website
Thank you in advance for acting promptly on this message.
Char Mashyna, Executive Director, ArtsErie

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drum Circle Friday 4/24 7:30pm

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Danzante's Summer Camp Dates & Call for Teaching Artists

Danzante Community School of the Arts Summer Program will run from June 22 - July 10th, Monday - Friday, 10am-3pm.

Summer Arts Camp will be held at the Danzante Community Arts Center at 200 Crescent St. Harrisburg, Pa 17104.

Classes will be held indoors in the dance and visual art studios, and outdoors depending on the nature of the class.

Students will be ages 6-15, and will be able to show/perform at the conclusion of the Arts Camp.

Summer Arts Camp at Danzante is $50/week or $150/3 weeks Register your child early to attend all three weeks for $100.00.

Danzante is recruiting Artists from Harrisburg area to teach Visual, Performing and Environmental Arts at a Summer Arts Program.

Interested Artists should submit their proposed 1-3 week class curriculum to Danzante for review.
(email -

Thank you!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring has Sprung at Danzante...

The sun is shining especially brightly today throughout the studio walls at Danzante. As the new director at this magical Community Center of the Arts in historic, diverse, and energized South Allison Hill neighborhood, I can't help but feel elated with the recharged spirit of the kids, teachers and volunteers today.

Maybe it's this gorgeous weather on this special day (my big brother Brett's 30th birthday) - after a few rainy days, today the sky is blue, the trees are suddenly blooming all over town and the sun feels warm on my skin. Our After School Arts Program at Danzante has evolved this year into a mish-mesh of Art projects, dance classes, drum circles, and parties.

Our cultural calendar has been a great way for our Danzante community to learn - both Students and Mentors - about Spanish-speaking countries. So far we have conquered both Puerto Rico and Spain, and April begins a month of celebrating Ecuador, as requested by two students who's mother is from Ecuador. Our Fiesta de Espana was a blast last week, as we gathered to watch a Flamenco class rehearsal, and listen as our young percussion group performed two original songs. Its amazing to watch these children perform to a room full of their peers without the slightest bit of stage fright or nervousness. The confidence they are developing at such an early age is awe inspiring.

So today as I receive warm smiles and hugs from the many students who are here for Drumming, Theatre class, Art class, and Flamenco class, I feel excited to share in the constant evolution of Danzante. I invite anyone who has a free Tuesday or Thursday afternoon to stop by around 4:00 at 200 Crescent street, and share the joy of all these enthusiastic, creative and fun loving children in Harrisburg's South Allison Hill neighborhood.

Until next time,

Miss Corrina Mehiel
Director, Danzante

Wednesday, April 1, 2009